Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lemon Juice Mask for Anti Acne

not only for anti acne skin care, this homemade cosmetics recipe also can be a remedy for acne problem. you can find ingredients for this recipe in anywhere in this worlds, i will surprised if you can not find those ingredients, lol.

1 lemon and pure water only

How to made Natural Homemade Anti Acne Lemon Juice Mask
Squeeze the lemon and put the juice into a glass. Add the same amount of pure water.

How to use this Natural Homemade Anti Acne
Gently apply to your face with a cotton pad. Keep off from your eyes! Allow it on for five to ten minutes and rinse off later with a lukewarm water.

This lemon recipe is very easy to prepare and contains antibacterial and exfoliating properties for your skin care.

With continuous use, these natural homemade anti acne recipe and acne remedy should assist you reduce your acne gradually.

NOTE: be sure you're not allergic to any ingredient by applying it first on a small skin surface for a few minutes. If skin gets red or irritated, rinse it off as soon as you can and DO NOT apply the mask on your face. Remember to clean up you face before applying the mask.

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